KARAURI’s wife showered with praises after skilfully landing a KQ plane amid storm Eunice in the UK – Brags she is the 2nd best pilot in Kenya (VIDEO).

Sunday, 20 February 2022 – Captain Ruth Karauri, who is the wife of Sportspesa CEO, Ronald Karauri, has been praised after she successfully landed a KQ plane at Heathrow Airport amid storm Eunice.

Several planes struggled to land in the London-based airport but Captain Ruth skillfully landed the plane despite the harsh weather conditions.

Speaking after landing, Captain Ruth gave credit to her trainers at Kenya Airways and revealed the conditions she encountered and how she was able to maneuver

 “This is Captain Ruth Karauri of the now-famous KQ 100 that landed at Heathrow on February 18. 

“With me is my first officer of the day, Ayub. We had the pleasure of encountering Storm Eunice at London yesterday, we were landing on the west. 

“Flight conditions at the time were strong gusting winds and it was quite a bumpy ride. 

“However, the training we had at Kenya Airways…particularly the simulator prepared us for such a scenario. 

“We used all our training expertise, previous skills and we handed the landing expertly,” she said. 

Karauri praised her on Twitter and bragged she is the second-best pilot in Kenya after Irene Koki Mutungi.

Below is a video showing how she landed amid the storm.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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