Kamene Goro is a hypocrite always playing the victim


Kamene Goro is a hypocrite and that has to be acknowledged right off the bat. The reason I feel very strongly about making this the starting point of this particular is the fact that I am tired as I am sure any rational person is with her constant whining and whinging about Mulamwah and the rest of the people on social media yet she is one of the worst haters and trolls out there. Mulamwah Called Me A Hippo, I Won’t Forgive Him- Kamene Goro I am of course referring to the fact that she has come out to give Obinna an interview in which she has claimed she was a victim of trolling and online bullying courtesy of Mulamwah and his hordes of fans who called her all sorts of names for being obese.   Yeah, yeah, we get it, her feelings were hurt but the truth of the matter is, she is the same person who came out and mocked mental health and baby girl expects us to be even more forgiving than she is willing to be about the jibe Mulamwah took at her… Mulamwah confused whether Kamene Goro is beefing with him or is secretly in love with him “I have also struggled with mental health issues all my life up until today. If anything, I would never joke about it. The post was a joke about people who are ‘mindless’. I didn’t mean to troll people with mental health. I don’t take mental health issues lightly because it’s something I was once diagnosed with,” So when is one joke an unforgivable offence versus another? When are we allowed to forgive and forget and when are we meant to hold a grudge? When the joke is off-key. off-colour and mocks an entire mass of people, it…

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