Kakwenza Not in Rwanda, says Muhoozi after Speaking to Kagame

Uganda’s Land Forces commander, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has said novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija is not in Rwanda as claimed on social media.

“I have just been speaking to President Paul Kagame and he says he (Kakwenza) is not in Rwanda,” said Muhoozi on Twitter this Wednesday evening.

Muhoozi’s remarks come against the backdrop of reports that Kakwenza fled to exile via Rwanda.

A refugee agency official was quoted as saying Kakwenza, who was facing trial in Uganda on charges of offensive communication, had been received by the refugee body and was at a safe location in Rwanda. 

Earlier today, Kakwenza’s lawyer, Eron Kiiza, told press the novelist “feared for his life” and that he would be “finding his way to a European country in the next few hours.”

“He could not remain here because his life was directly in jeopardy,” emphasised Kiiza.

Kakwenza’s destination was still being speculated, with some pointing to Germany, where he initially planned to travel to but was denied permission by the Buganda Road Court Magistrate Douglas Singiza.

Last week, Kakwenza requested the court to be allowed to travel abroad for treatment but the Magistrate said his medical records didn’t spell any urgency to warrant treatment from abroad.

The Germany Embassy in Uganda wrote to Buganda Road chief Magistrate’s Court, asking the magistrate to release Kakwenza’s passport. 

This sparked a diplomatic row with Uganda penning a protest letter to Germany, condemning the European country’s interference in the country’s internal affairs.  

Muhoozi speaks out 

Shortly before the news of his escape this evening, Kakwenza posted on his Facebook account a foul worded statement in which he attacked the Magistrate and vowed not to appear in his court again.

Kakwenza alleged he was tortured in detention and that Muhoozi personally promised him a job if he remained silent about the alleged torture.

But Muhoozi today said he has never met Kakwenza.

“I don’t know who this young boy is whom they say was beaten!” said Muhoozi.

“I never heard of him until the media started talking about him. I’ve never met him or talked to him and I have no desire to do so,” he added.

Col Chris Magezi, who speaks for the Land Forces, said Kakwenza, under the influence of NUP and “some malevolent external actors are exploiting his (Kakwenza’s) unfortunate personal circumstances to peddle a lie that they hope will, or shall severely damage the General’s reputation.”

Magezi said,” The General has never in his life met Kakwenza!! It is as simple as that. He is also busy with Operation Shujaa to avail himself to respond to politically inspired cooked-up plots whose sole intent we know. Concurrent with the law taking appropriate action against reported cases of torture, the shallow schemes too shall be exposed.”

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