Kabale School Heads Clash Over Religion

Members of the Kabale Catholic Head Teachers Association have threatened to withdraw from the Kabale Primary School Head Teachers Association, accusing their Anglican counterparts of using their numerical majority to occupy all important offices during the recent election to choose new leadership.

In their petition dated February 14, 2022, addressed to the Patron, who is also the Kabale District Education Officer, the head teachers in the Catholic Schools allege that there were irregularities and religious segregation in the election held on February 11, 2022, to choose the leadership of the Kabale Primary School Head Teachers Association.

The election, whose voting procedure was by ballot, ended up with only 1 Catholic head teacher out of the 7 members of the mainstream leadership, while they only managed to get 4 out of 10 sub county leadership slots.

The association is made up of 110 primary school head teachers from the Kabale District.

70 of the members with voting rights are Anglicans, while 40 are Catholics.

Charles Akankwasa, the former Chairperson of the Kabale Catholic Head Teachers’ Association, said they had intelligence that the Anglicans convened in a caucus meeting to plan on how to use their majority membership and deny Catholics important positions through the election.

Akankwasa, who is also the Muyumbu Primary School Head teacher, said it is on this note that the Catholics held a meeting on February 14th and agreed to withdraw membership and form their own District Association if their complaints are not handled to satisfaction.

However, the newly elected Chairperson of the Kabale District Head Teachers Association, Alex Biryomumeisho, dismissed allegations that the February 11th election was based on religious segregation.

Biryomumeisho, who is also the Nyabushabi Primary School teacher, argued that if the election was marred by religious segregation, no Catholic would be elected into any office since the Anglicans have the majority.

Biryomumeisho an Anglican, also explained that he gathered 60 votes, yet only 57 Anglican voters participated in the election, an indication that voting was by merit rather than religious segregation.

Geofrey Beinomugisha, The Kabale District Chairperson of the Uganda National Teachers Association-UNATU, asked the two sides to sit and design a way forward.

He, however, advised them to ensure that they stick to the rules and regulations that govern the association, which implied that a review of the constitution could be one of the solutions to the problems arising in the elections.

Moses Bwengye Tumwijukye the Kabale District Education Officer, acknowledged having received the petition from the Catholic School Head teachers, but that he was out for a seminar in Moroto District by the time he received the petition, and he decided to postpone the ceremony in which the new leadership would take up instruments of power from the outgoing leaders.

However, Tumwijukye said the solution to the current conflict could only be found by the members of the Headteachers’ Association from both sides since they designed the constitution on whose guidelines the controversial election was held.

He said he would communicate the date for a meeting to dialogue about the arising matters.

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