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K Naomi isn’t buying the latest COVID news: ‘Are we being scammed?’

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K Naomi is one of the many South African celebrities who have questioned Covid-19 and the governments real intentions. This comes after news reports claimed that a new deadlier strain of the virus was found in the country. The recently engaged star questioned whether or not South Africans were being scammed by the government.

K Naomi slams govt over COVID news!

On 25 November this week, various news reports revealed that scientists have found a new and more complex COVID-19 variant which they are calling B.1.1.529.

This new variant reportedly has 30 different mutations and carries several spike proteins. Because of this, scientists have said that the vaccine may not be able to fight effectively against it.

The news has not been met well by South Africans who are questioning why the new variant only sprung up after the elections. Many of them have speculated that the government has orchestrated for the virus to “magically” make a comeback.

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K Naomi is one of those South Africans and took to her Twitter page to ask her followers whether or not they think every one is getting scammed.

“Guys are you sure we are not being scammed,” she wrote above an eNCA excerpt about the new variant.

Guys are you sure we are not being scammed?

— K Naomi (@KNaomi_N) November 25, 2021

Here’s what netizens are saying:

@AnatheaFourie said:

“For god’s sake, it’s a virus. The common cold that y’all get every year has hundreds of variants, hence no vaccine. Influenza AKA Flu changes every year or so, hence you should get a flu shot every winter. Hayi.”

@Khakhu_M_ said:

“Ma’am. The virus went on holiday for the elections and came back…”

@BonoloNchabele2 said:

“These people should just leave us out of this. This could be another scam to oppress businesses and people’s lifestyles.”

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