Just in: Herman Mashaba ‘edging near’ return as Johannesburg Mayor

What a story we have here: A joint statement from six political parties has confirmed that a majority will give their backing to Herman Mashaba returning as the Johannesburg Mayor – two years after he sensationally quit the role.

Will Herman Mashaba return as Johannesburg Mayor?

The ActionSA leader, who led the party to a stellar debut election performance, pulled in the third-highest vote share in Johannesburg. However, the six groups looking to form a coalition government – made up of the DA, ActionSA, Cope, UDM, FF Plus, and ACDP – generally believe Herman Mashaba is the right man to lead a divided metro.

Mashaba, who has previously earned praise from the EFF for his willingness to work alongside other parties, would be nominated to run Johannesburg, while the DA will lead a government in Tshwane.

ActionSA: One election, one potential mayor…

Should the six-party collective pull this off, it would mark an unbelievable political comeback for Mashaba, who quit the DA in acrimonious fashion some 25 months ago. His disagreements with the party’s Federal Council saw him walk away from the Blues – but the businessman-turned-politician now seems prepared to team up with his ex-colleagues.

If elected as Johannesburg Mayor this time around, Herman Mashaba will have one significant problem to handle: The coalition forces looking to support him don’t have 50% of the vote between them. That means the ActionSA leader will have to lead a minority government, where the coalition would be outnumbered by the opposition in the council.

But, as we’ve seen during the 2021 Election, Mashaba doesn’t seem daunted by a challenge…

“As far as the Tshwane Metro is concerned the parties agreed to form a coalition government and support the mayoral candidate of the DA. Further discussions between parties will continue over the weekend to finalize the way forward.”

“In Johannesburg the parties will attempt to keep the ANC out and form a minority government. The majority of parties present agreed to support the mayoral candidate of ActionSA. A consensus was thus not yet reached here.”

Joint statement from the DA, ActionSA, Cope, UDM, FF Plus, and ACDP

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