Jose Chameleone Affirms Musical Legacy of Mayanja Family, Tasks Doubters to Research

Jose Chameleone Affirms Musical Legacy of Mayanja Family, Tasks Doubters to Research

By BigEyeUg Team

Last week, at a press conference held by Weasel Manizo to announce his upcoming concert, legendary singer Jose Chameleone passionately asserted the musical prowess of the Mayanja family, urging doubters to verify their legacy.

The Mayanja Family

We are musicians by God’s gift, the Mayanja family,” stated Jose Chameleone, the elder brother of Weasel Manizo and other notable artists including Pallaso, AK47 (deceased), and Fling Fire.

The press conference, which drew considerable attention from the media and fans alike, served as a platform for Weasel Manizo to unveil details about his highly anticipated concert.

Amidst the announcements, Jose Chameleone took a moment to reflect on the family’s musical journey, emphasizing their innate talent.

If you are out there and you doubt this, go and search about it,” Chameleone continued, underlining his confidence in the family’s contribution to Uganda’s music industry.

The Mayanja family, renowned for their distinctive musical style and collective achievements, continues to leave an indelible mark on the East African music scene.

Jose Chameleone’s words echoed not only a familial pride but also a challenge to acknowledge and celebrate their musical heritage.

Weasel Manizo’s concert is set to be a significant event in the music calendar, promising a showcase of talent that has been nurtured and celebrated within the Mayanja household.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming performance, fans and observers are poised to witness yet another milestone in the ongoing musical journey of the Mayanja family.

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