Jimmy Kibaki eulogizes his father as a strict disciplinarian

Jimmy Kibaki has eulogized his father, the late President Mwai Kibaki as a strict disciplinarian who did not entertain poor performance.

While addressing mourners in Othaya Saturday, Jimmy recalled his days in high school where his father did not like his poor grades in Form Two.

“My academic grades in St. Mary’s were not representative of a son of Mwai Kibaki. My Form Two grades were quite terrible,” said Jimmy Kibaki.

Jimmy revisited an instance he and his siblings were presenting their report books to their parents and his mother, the late Lucy Kibaki asked him to present the last.

“My mother made it clear that I be the last to give my report to my father. Mzee later gave me one of those piercing looks. He thought it was a mistake. This is out of what? Mzee Kibaki posed.

He narrated how his father threatened to repeat class without a warning in the event he continued performing poorly even suggesting that he stops going to school to look after his cattle in Narumoru.

“My parents were teachers at some point and they took academics very seriously,” he said.

Above all, Jimmy said the late President was a keen disciplinarian keen on ensuring his children maintained good morals.

“Mzee was many things to me, my father and disciplinarian but most of all, he was a role model. He was the finest people I have ever known.”

In his tribute, Jimmy Kibaki said he learnt so many lessons from his father over the years with the biggest lesson was in the realm of leadership.

“By example of your examplary life, you taught me that a leader is a person who can paint a picture that will cause people to leave their present to pursue their future,” Jimmy eulogized.

“You taught me that true leaders do not rule by force or intimidation but by inspiration. Your life in itself is an inspiration to millions of Kenyans-men, women, children who looked up to you for guidance, wisdom and leadership,” he said. Thu

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