Jan Gyamerah’s auctioned jersey the most expensive of all time at Hamburg SV

Ghanaian defender Jan Gyamerah’s jersey has broken the record for the most expensive auctioned shirt at Hamburg SV.The jersey Gyamerah wore in Hamburg’s game against Holstein Kiel was auctioned over the weekend, with the highest bidder paying 3888 euros for the jersey. The amount is the highest ever paid for a Hamburg jersey.Interestingly, the player had his name incorrectly spelled on the jersey and had to be put on aution. Instead of Gyamerah, his name was written as ‘Gaymerah’.Little to the knowledge of Hamburg, the jersey turned out to be their goldmine. The bid which started on Saturday rose from 1000 euros to 3000 in just a day. Eventually, it was sold at 3888 euros.Gyamerah wore the wrongly spelt name and featured in the 1-1 draw at Kiel.