January 17, 2021


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“I’ve been on a gym workout routine for 8 months,” Eric Omondi explains his ‘sudden’ weight gain

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Eric Omondi has come out to narrate his struggles in an 8-month journey to build muscles that have eventually borne fruit. The self-proclaimed President of comedy in Africa, speaking on The Trend show, admitted that it got to a point he nearly gave up about ever gaining weight, let alone building muscles. Also read: How it went down at Eric Omondi’s studio and office launch event (Video) The fitness journey “Around February, March, April, I gave up so many times. I was in and out of the gym because I could not see any progress, yet it was so painful,” Eric opened up. “Nilikuwa najiuliza nafanya nini. Si nifanye tu comedy maisha iendelee,” he remarks. Also read: Wait, what? Eric Omondi shocks many after revealing his initial weight before piling on the kilos Sending Amina Abdi into loud laughter, unable to restrain herself from the comedian’s struggles. However, Eric has declared; “There’s no going back now.” Revealing that it has been 8 consistent months of gym training. “I got a trainer and a nutritionist end of April and I started seeing results around June. One day while in the shower, I saw small bumps on my hand as I stretched and I was impressed,” an excited Eric spilled. He would even call his trainer to explain how he saw small bumps. But the day he went to perform in Tz and removed his shirt on stage, the comment section was full of messages about him gaining weight and that is the day he declared he would not stop. Before Eric’s confession went overboard and Amina Abdi admitted; “You’re killing me!” Eric Omondi’s beef with Ezekiel Mutua explained Talking of his ugly clash with KFCB Boss, Dr Ezekiel Mutua last week, Eric categorically stated that it is not the first time they have…

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