‘It better wash away sins’: SA reacts to bottled water that costs R650!

Rich people are well known for spending a ton of money on certain things like cars, alcohol, and clothes. It seems like they do draw the line at some products though. Bottled water that costs R650 appears to be one of those things that no one will be splashing their cash on.

Media personality Musa Mthombeni and his wife Liesl Laurie proved this after Musa shared a clip of her reaction to a restaurant’s water menu and its outrageous prices.

R650 bottled water leaves Musa Mthombeni and his wifey shook

How much are you willing to spend on bottled water? R10, R15 maybe even R100?

One Hyde Park restaurant, however, expects its patrons to fork out a whopping R650 on a bottle of H2O that comes straight out of its one-of-a-kind “water menu.”

Taking to Instagram, Musa Mthombeni shared a hilarious clip of his wife Liesl’s reaction to the special menu and its exorbitant prices.

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In the clip, Liesl’s facial expressions show that she is absolutely shook while she explains how she would much rather drink the water that she has at home.

Musa jokingly captioned the clip:

“Get yourself and stingy queen and settle down.”

Mzansi also can’t deal

Needless to say, the clip garnered a ton of reactions from South Africans who could not believe that the restaurant would charge that much.

Many of them made hilarious jokes about what they would expect after buying water that costs that much.

Rapper and TV personality Boity Thulo commented:

“Obviously God is gonna deliver that water personally, right?”

While another Instagram user @nollymckay said:

“That better be water that washes sins away”.

Another user hilariously joked that the water may have come from the same batch that Jesus used when he turned water into wine.

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