Israel Announces It Will Respond to Iran Missile Attack as Airlines Cancel Flights to Region

By Jack Phillips

Israel’s military chief said Monday that Israel will respond to Iran’s missile and drone attack, but it’s not clear how or when.

Herzi Halevi, the head of the Israeli Defense Forces, told reporters that Iran’s strikes “will be met with a response,” without elaborating. He spoke during a visit to the Nevatim air base, which Israel says suffered light damage in the Iranian attack.

“Iran wanted to harm the strategic capabilities of the State of Israel—that is something that had not happened before. We were prepared for the ‘Iron Shield’ operation—preparation that brought Iran to also meet air superiority,” he said. “Last Monday, we saw what was being organized, and we think that the State of Israel is very strong and knows how to deal with it alone, but with a threat so numerous and so far away, we are always happy to have [the United States] with us,” he added.

Israel is now “looking ahead, we are considering our steps, and this launch of so many missiles, cruise missiles, and UAVs into the territory of the State of Israel will be met with a response,” he added.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been huddling with top officials to discuss a possible response to Iran’s attack involving hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. World leaders have been urging Israel not to retaliate, while U.S. officials have suggested that Israel’s defense apparatus was overwhelmingly successful in dealing with Iran’s attack and intercepted 99 percent of their missiles and drones.

Iran’s attack on Saturday was the first time Tehran directly targeted Israel since the current regime took over in 1979. The country, however, has been engaged in proxy attacks against both Israel and the United States originating from a number of Middle Eastern countries.

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