March 2, 2021


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Is choosing the number 1 synonymous with being a champion?

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The NBA draft It is the first big goal of any young basketball player who wants to compete against the best. The dream of being chosen by one of the 30 franchises and prove themselves against stars that just by saying their name already command respect.

Fantasy is also shared by teams, who consider the opportunity to choose your future banners in first position as a turning point in its history. But is this wish really justified? What do the numbers say?

The data is never deceiving, and shows a trend that should make the fact of achieving the coveted first position in the Draft relativize to more than one. It is true that since the lottery system began to be used (1985) nine of the thirty-five chosen have been champions, but only four of them have been with the same team in which they debuted. That is to say, Only 11% of Draft # 1s since the lottery exists have won the ring with the team that bet on them.

To curl the curl of mathematics, of the 19 franchises that have had the first draft pick since 1985, only two of them (just over 10%) have come to champion with their pick on the roster. One of them, one of the greatest dynasties of the s. XXI, the San Antonio Spurs; the other, the Clevaland Cavaliers. And who were responsible for bringing glory to those in Texas and Ohio? Their names will surely sound familiar to you: David robinson (Spurs), Tim duncan (Spurs), Lebron James (Cavs) and Kyrie irving (Cavs).

As we said, being the first of your generation does not ensure the final triumph at ‘home’, and if not that they tell Shaquille O’Neal, Glenn Robinson Jr., Andrew Bogut, Dwight howard Y Anthony Davis. The five were number one in their day, but they had to look for more winning contexts in the Lakers, Spurs and Warriors to be able to have the honor of wearing the championship ring in their hands.


Of all of them, just Lebron James, till the date, will go down in history for having achieved the title of champion with three different franchises. The ‘King’, who was selected by the Cavs in 2003, had to emigrate to Miami along with Wade Y Bosh in 2010, where he achieved his first two rings (2012 and 2013) before returning to ‘his’ Cavaliers to fulfill his promise and turn Cleveland (2016) into a city of champions. This season, in his second year as leader of the Lakers, he has written a new chapter of his never-ending resume.

In case the own feat of Lebron it wasn’t enough, under the protective layer of James (MVP of the four finals he has won), Irving, Davis Y Howard have been able to win the greatest achievement of their careers, and it is that being close to him is synonymous with being close to success in the NBA.

In this edition, unlike in previous years, there is no consensus among experts on who will be chosen by the Timberwolves with number 1. It will be the second time that the Minnesota franchise will choose first in the draft, since that in 2015 they also won the lottery to seize the services of its current star, Karl-Anthony Towns.

LaMelo Ball (brother of Lonzo and son of the controversial To wash), James Wiseman Y Anthony Edwards are the three players who have the most ballots to hear their name from the mouth of Adam Silver before anyone. Will one of them be the one to help Towns to join the select group of couples (Robinson / Duncan Y LeBron / Irving) who managed to win the ring with their first team? We’ll be alert. The die is cast.

Source: Is choosing the number 1 synonymous with being a champion?