Ireland legend praises former Springbok coach

Ireland legend Brian O’Driscoll believes that former Springbok coach Jacques Nienaber will be a difference-maker at Leinster.

O’Driscoll has backed Nienaber to bring an end to Leinster’s woes in finals.

Ireland legend waxes lyrical on former Springbok coach

Leinster will contest a third consecutive Champions Cup final this weekend but have lost the last two.

“The guy is a serial winner,” O’Driscoll said as per Planet Rugby

“To be able to deliver a World Cup and a Champions Cup in the same year speaks for itself.

“To be able to give all of your focus, everything in you, to a World Cup and then pick up three weeks later and put a new defensive system into a team that already had a good defence, and still get them to a final.

“That is great coaching, that is great leadership, that is great man management. You tip your cap to that.”

O’Driscoll believes that Nienaber is a model of what a rugby coach should be like.

“Jacques is someone that clearly has a very accessible and likeable personality within any environment,” added O’Driscoll. “I think that’s a really good sign in a coach. Someone who is able to park the ego on his success and have a likability factor in any new environment you plug yourself into.”

Leinster firm up in defence

O’Driscoll credited Nienaber with improving the already formidable Leinster defence.

“It was a brave call,” said O’Driscoll. “Because their defence was already pretty good. But Leinster now do look physically more imposing.

“That Achilles heel of getting pushed around by the more physically dominant teams is something they’ve taken on with this defensive system.

“To have a total rethink and build new foundations and change so much will have taken a huge amount of focus over the year and I have to say their attack game hasn’t looked as good and as fluid as in the last couple of years.

“It’s still good, still high quality. I just don’t think it’s as detailed as it was the last couple of years which, for me, was some of the best rugby I’ve ever seen Leinster play.

“I think Toulouse are just favourites because the firepower they showed in the first half of their semi-final against Quins I don’t think Leinster have come across this year.

“They will score tries but you could easily see both sides scoring three or four, minimum. There is pretty much zero between these sides. It’s who delivers in the big moments and what X-factor is able to stand up and perform on the biggest stage.”