December 4, 2020


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iOS 14: How to add a Shazam button in Control Center?

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Quickly identify any song that’s playing over the radio by keeping a shortcut to access Shazam’s audio recognition on your iPhone handy.

Acquired in 2018 by Apple, Shazam, the application that allows you to recognize on the fly any music played in a nearby environment, had so far not really benefited from this takeover.

With the arrival of the iOS update to version 14.2, things have changed. Apple has decided to offer its users quick access to Shazam directly from the iOS Control Center, even if the Shazam app is not installed on the iPhone.

Find out how to add a Shazam button to your iPhone Control Center right now.

1. Open Settings

Start by opening the Settings of iOS. Then enter the menu dedicated to Control center of the iPhone.

2. Add an order

Scroll through all the displayed options then, within the section Other commands, Push the button + Song recognition. The option should automatically integrate the section of Orders included of the Control Center.

3. Change the order of the commands

If you wish, you can take the opportunity to change the display order of the Control Center commands. To do this, hold down the handle represented by three superimposed lines to the right of each command to move them up or down in the order of their appearance in the control center.

Now when you want to identify a song that’s playing on the radio, TV, or even directly from a video playing on your iPhone, all you have to do is deploy the iOS Control Center and press the Shazam button.

A notification indicating the song’s title and author will appear at the top of the screen. You can also if you wish to deploy it to display the cover of the album in which the song appears.

Source: iOS 14: How to add a Shazam button in Control Center?