July 27, 2021


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International Community to remove foreign fighters from Libya

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The international community is working towards removing all foreign fighters from Libya, reports say.

According to multiple reports, key members of the international community are meeting in Berlin, Germany in a bid to ensure the removal of foreign troops from Libya ahead of its December elections.

The meeting is taking place
months after a cease-fire was brokered and aimed at ending a decade of conflict.

Germany and the United Nations are said to be co-hosting the meeting.

The meeting brings together officials from Libya’s new transitional government, as well as foreign ministers from the United States, Europe, and regional powers such as Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, which were militarily involved on opposing sides in an ultimately futile battle for capital Tripoli, according to reports.

Libya entered into chaos following the killing of its President, Muhammed Gaddafi.

By Melvin Tarlue

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