Inside look at house parties around campuses that ‘initiate’ freshers

The year is almost over and November came with the goodies, for campus students that is. The government finally decided to reopen universities but in phases.

First years intake began in most campuses and now it’s back to normal as far as sex and parties are concerned. Senior students are now ravaging over ‘fresh meat’ as everyone is trying to smash a fresher before they even realize what is going on.

House parties are now back in play, they are happening almost every Friday. Booze, music and freaky sex is the new normal.

These house parties are usually held in apartments around campus, can be a bedsitter, one bedroom or two-bedroom depending on the number of people turning up.

There is lotsa freedom because unlike a club, nobody will chase you, you just party till you fade out.

Later into the night is when things get freaky, people start pairing up, others go to the balcony, rooftop, bedroom or anywhere where they can just make out in private. Words are exchanged, then fluids and sometimes STDs.

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Those who were dating 3rd years and 4th years have got the most to lose because they are now being replaced by young blood.

The contracts had to be terminated immediately without any compensations, fresh meat was in town! These students are tired of smashing the current era of old guard campus folks, now that freshers are here, they wanna experience sex with new partners.

This November brought a lot of breakups with it, entanglements were broken, and relationships done with, people moved out and lines were drawn.

Freshmen in campus are like babies, they have no idea how things run there. Team mafisi appoint themselves tour guides in the name of showing them around campus.


They make sure to use the routes that lead to their cribs, these men are hunting and the girls don’t even have a clue.

They are introduced to alcohol, weed, parties and sex. This is where they learn that classes can be skipped, the path is clear from here; sex – alcohol- weed – food – sleep – class once in a while – sex, and the cycle continues.

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They join with very little experience about life, all they know is their parents’ money. Senior students take advantage of that innocence and screw them. Some get them drunk then sleep with, others trick them into believing that being a virgin in campus is bad.

At the end of the day, all of them want to get laid with these new babies, the only difference is the lies they are deploying.

Most of the freshers who join campus are usually virgins, they have only seen sex in movies. This year the number reduced significantly because of the covid – 19 lockdown.

They couldn’t just keep their pants up while at home, you can’t blame them that is what usually happens when raging hormones meets boredom.

This intake was filled with ’experienced’ boys and girls, but campus confuses everything and they are always smashed before they even get a grip of things.

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