Inside Gen Muhoozi Declaration of ‘Winning Power’ in Uganda 


The commander of UPDF Land Forces, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has hinted on taking power in Uganda, Chimp Corps report.

Possibly emboldened by his ardent supporters who are holding countrywide public birthday celebrations, the 48-year-old military general on Sunday took to Twitter where made a bold statement on his presidential bid.

“The enemies fought us for so long!,” said Muhoozi in a veiled reference to critics and insiders who quietly resisted his rise in the army ranks. 

“They (enemies) abused me with every name they could find! Now they can’t believe we have taken over the country!” said Muhoozi without providing details.

“We will not stop until we are in complete control!” he emphasized.

The enemies fought us for so long! They abused me with every name they could find! Now they can’t believe we have taken over the country! We will not stop until we are in complete control!

— Muhoozi Kainerugaba (@mkainerugaba) May 1, 2022

Muhoozi did not say how his loyalists had taken over the country. 

However, he could be amused by the successful mobilization of his underground network which saw massive birthday celebrations held in universities, town halls, sports grounds and social centers across Uganda.

The most striking bit of Muhoozi’s tweet is that he is officially declaring his intentions to succeed his father, President Museveni. 


As a serving army officer, Muhoozi had for decades restrained himself from making controversial political statements. 

But he has lately used Twitter to make it known he will be unstoppable in his quest for power.

During the recent birthday celebrations at State House Entebbe, First Lady Janet Museveni appeared to be endorsing Muhoozi for presidency.

Hon Janet asked Muhoozi to pray to God to bless “this journey that you have started” and obey God’s command.

She added: “From his (Muhoozi) love for God, that’s how he is honest and humble. I want to say to Muhoozi today at 48, God will never leave us nor forsake us.  Please strive in all you do to love God with all your heart and serve him because he has used you to serve your country with dedication.”

At the same event, President Paul Kagame told Muhoozi that the East African region has a lot of expectations in him.

“48 years means he has been here for some time but also means he is still very young. The question is how has he lived his time and how he intends to use his remaining time. There is no doubt that in the many more years that are ahead, he will use them even better,” said Kagame.

“I also want to say to Gen Muhoozi that there are a lot of expectations that you continue that path you have taken,” said the Rwandan leader who has worked closely with Muhoozi to revive relations between the two countries. 

On his part, Museveni described Muhoozi as a “gift to freedom fighters” and also expressed joy at the General’s “spontaneous” birthday celebrations in Lugogo and Ishaka which attracted thousands of supporters. 

Win power 

Earlier today, Muhoozi Tweeted: “When Team MK wins power in this country, which we will! Our first act will be to increase the Sports budget!”

This statement not only underscores Muhoozi’s determination to take power but also gives an insight into his presidential plans. 

Ordinarily, such a tweet would have been perceived as critical of his father’s management of the sports docket. 

But Muhoozi doesn’t seem to be worried of being seen as critical of his father’s handling of sports, implying Museveni is comfortable with his campaign agenda especially in targeting the youth. 

During the birthday celebrations in Lugogo, Muhoozi said he would focus on youth empowerment by investing heavily in sports and entertainment.

Insiders say Muhoozi hopes to ride on his recent achievements in DR Congo where UPDF has overrun dozens of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) camps, disarmament in Karamoja region and restoration of Uganda-Rwanda ties to contest for president. 

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