September 16, 2021


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‘I’m married but still a virgin,’ says worried city woman

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Would you remain a virgin after getting married to the love of your life? Well, a city woman has revealed that she has never enjoyed sex ever since she got married a year ago.

‘I have been married for a year now and we haven’t been able t have sex. I got married as a virgin. Every time we try, iT’s painful but the D is still nothing in. I have also tried using lubricants. I am frustrated. I didn’t know having sex was this difficult. people make it seem so easy. Please what do I do?’ she posted.

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Reactions include;

kedz_fortune Kudos to the girl satisfying ur husband ✌️

wanja_schoastica 1 year into marriage,I think you should go see a gynaecologist,they will have answers to such issues…pls do it ASAP,your husband may be running out of patience❤️

bidemi_sama It’s probably vaginismus which is treatable(education, counseling, exercises).. see a doctor

helmeted_chief Keep Trying.. Persistence is Key 👍

im.miamae Go to the hospital and surgically remove the Hymen 🤗🤗

pelumi This is strange o

ti_anahh For a whole year? 🙄 Aunty please Hospital babe. There are treatments for this. They’d also give you estrogen pills too. Sorry 💕

ade_bossb Seek professional help

wizgorgeous Go to the hospital and check your type of hymen there is a type that may require a minor surgery to open or see a gynaecologist and sex therapist

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