Igbo marginalisation real, ASETU insists

IgboBy Dennis Agbo

The Association of South East Town Unions, ASETU, has reiterated that the subjugation of the Igbo in Nigeria is real and has remained unabated.

The Igbo union however said that the people must begin to address the injustices, the grievances and agonies, which it said have  constituted milestones round the necks of it’s young generation.

Addressing over 2,200 President-Generals of Igbo Town unions at a-two days emergency security retreat in Enugu, on Thursday, National President of ASETU, Chief Emeka Diwe said that the litany of injustices being faced by Ndigbo in Nigeria have propelled most of them to begin to think of another country of their own.

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Diwe disagreed in the profiling of the Igbo as belligerent, destructive, expansionist campaigners, domineering and imperialists, noting that in the instead, the Igbo remain most hospitable, peaceful and accommodating group in Nigeria.

Diwe stated that “It is pertinent to point out that the marginalization of Ndigbo in Nigeria is real, undeniable and unjustifiable. The system, it seems clear to our youths, has been rigged against them simply because of their tongue. For most of them, prosperity within the context of Nigeria is only an aching mirage.

“This agony they bear, and the natural proclivity of man to seek equality, has radicalized our youths. They cannot fathom a nation in which their aspirations are cut short simply because of their state of origin, and the nation they call theirs has become an emblem of injustice onto them. Their notion of Biafra becomes an expression of the extent of marginalization which they face in Nigeria and the remedy thereof.


“These realities make our youths to be susceptible to manipulation, indoctrination and abuse. But this obvious marginalization has still not radicalized our youths to the extent of adhering to the dictatorial tendencies of a single figure. Our youths have refused to cower before the feet of a petty tyrant and to carry out the dictates from Hell.

“They have rejected to be unthinkingly obedient to someone who seeks to lure them into such barbaric practices as breaking bones, burning down infrastructure, perpetrating carnage and brutally, murdering law enforcement agents.”

He advised that the Igbo must begin to treat the disease, rather than symptoms, adding that the all-inclusive retreat was convened to reaffirm the Igbo belief in setting the agenda for peace, security and prosperity of the Igbo land.

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