IG Koome assures Judiciary of security

The National Police Service (NPS) has assured the judiciary of enhanced security following the tragic death of Makadara Law Courts Principal Magistrate Monica Kivuti.

In a statement Monday, Inspector of Police Japheth Koome announced that the safety of judicial officers remains a priority to the service.

While condoling with the family of the late magistrate, the police boss said NPS had over the years designated police officers to protect judicial officers and courts across the country.

He noted that it was the swift action by Police Court Orderlies that contained the shooting incident on that fateful day including the neutralization of the perpetrator.

“Following the tragic loss of the Makadara Law Courts’ Principal Magistrate, Hon. Monica Kivuti who succumbed to gunshot wounds inflicted by a police officer on June 13, 2024 at the Makadara Law Courts, the National Police Service would like to re-assure the Hon. Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya, of the safety and security of judicial staff while discharging their official mandate. This remains a matter of priority to the Service” he said.

“Police stations assign protective safety and security duties to all Courts Countrywide. It is worth mentioning that it was the swift action by Police Court Orderlies that contained the Makadara shooting incident on that fateful day including the neutralization of the perpetrator” he explained.

He said the establishment of the Judicial Police Unit in 2021 to provide comprehensive security to the Judiciary is part of the stringent and long-term measures that the Service has taken to enhance efficiency in securing the Judicial Staff.

“Over the years, NPS has been at the forefront of providing security to the Judiciary Officers throughout the Country. As a Service, we sincerely condole with the family of the late Hon. Kivuti and the Judiciary and wish a quick recovery to our two Officers injured on that fateful day” he stated.

Koome however was quick to point out the evolving nature of crimes pledging to work closely with the judiciary.

“Cognizant of the complexity and evolving nature of crime and emerging crimes, the National Police Service remains committed to working with the Judiciary, and indeed, the National Council on Administration of Justice to ensure that security of the Judicial staff and Court Users is enhanced”.

Kivuti was shot by a police officer while on duty in a makeshift structure at the Makadara Law Courts which is undergoing renovations.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Martha Koome has ordered the closure of all makeshift structures which judges and magistrates have been using as alternative courtrooms.

“Going forward, judicial services will no longer be rendered in makeshift structures” she said.

The CJ clarified that courts nationwide will proceed with their operations on Wednesday, 19th; Thursday, 20th; and Friday, 21st; except for Makadara Law Courts, which is under re-evaluation for security purposes.

‘I have spoken with the IG of Police, who has assured that security in our court premises and for judges and judicial officers nationwide has been enhanced.’ Martha Koome, Chief Justice

Judges, magistrates and Kadhis have however maintained they will not work from Wednesday to Friday to protest ‘poor working conditions’.

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