I will reduce fuel prices next month – RUTO makes another promise and Kenyans are skeptical given his many lies

Sunday, November 19, 2023 – President William Ruto has delivered the good news Kenyans have been expecting.

This is after he promised to reduce fuel prices further next month.

Speaking during a tour of Kirinyaga County yesterday, Ruto promised that Kenyans will enjoy another fuel price reduction in December. 

He revealed that the December price changes will be significant in comparison to the Ksh2 drop announced by the Energy and Petroleum Authority (EPRA) this month.

Ruto attributed the drop in prices to various measures the government was undertaking to ease pressure on Kenyans suffering at the pump.

He acknowledged that the prices were still high and making the cost of living shoot up.

The Head of State explained that the price of fuel globally was shooting up – a move that was hampering the government’s plan to reduce the cost of fuel further.


Currently, a litre of Super Petro, Diesel, and Kerosene are retailing at Ksh217.36, Ksh203.47, and Ksh203.06, respectively.

“You have seen that we have started to reduce the price of fuel. Next month the price will be reduced much more. That will also be the case in January until we get to a sustainable price,” he stated.

On the other hand, the President explained that the government-to-government deal with Saudi Arabia was beneficial given that Kenya was purchasing the oil at cheaper prices in comparison with other countries.

He noted that other countries were following in his footsteps in negotiating directly with other oil producers in a move aimed at reducing the cost of fuel products.

Kenyans, however, remained skeptical of Ruto’s promise given that he has not been forthcoming with his earlier promises.