I will not wash my husband’s dirty clothes or give him my hard-earned money – Married LADY says

Monday, November 20, 2023 – A woman, Mildred, is currently being dragged on Facebook for saying she will never give her hard-earned money to her husband or wash his dirty clothes.

The mother of three, who stated this in a Facebook post at the weekend, defended her stance, saying that before she got married in 2008, she didn’t cook for her husband or wash his clothes.

She also slammed people criticizing her, saying that many women have “become the head of the family and started doing ashawo” in their husbands’ house because they want to call themselves good wives.


“I will not give him my hard earned money . I can share business ideas with him if his business flops but my money will not be given to him. He should go to the bank to take loan as I am authorized to give loan. My money can be used for things that are of our necessaries at home but to hand it over to him? I will not give him my money. That’s how some of you became the head of the family and started doing ashawooo in your husbands house because you want to call yourself good wife. Make him go hustle him own salvation. When you start touching your business money and business crumbles una go dey look each other face or when you give him money and he can’t meet up his target, shey you go remember ex to call to help you. Many of you started ashawwoooo in your husband’s house while trying to be his lord and personal saviour. I no dey give man my money. You go enter bank go take loan so you go serious with your life,” she wrote.

“All man with his own opinion. Don’t force your opinion on me. I can’t suffer any mental, psychological or emotional stress for any man. My love and respect for him does not give him the right to stress me. Before marriage who been dey wash him cloths? I have just one life and it is not for suffer head abeg. Dry cleaners dey dia use their services. Weekends dey , wash your clothes yourself. Iron yourself as I won’t do it for “any man”. Life is one, I should not die because of stress,” she added