I was Zombified-Jacque Maribe shares her experience after being involved in murder case

Former Citizen TV Journalist Jacque Maribe has shared what she went through after she was publicly involved in a murder case in 2018.

Speaking during an interview with a local magazine, Maribe said that most of her female friends abandoned her and didn’t want to be associated with her.

The media personality noted that she was part of a group of girlfriends that were regarded as ‘squad goals’ in reference to social media admiration and publicity they received.

Maribe said that she learnt that while still in custody, the people she thought were close to her did public statements disassociating themselves from her.

She disclosed that only two of her friends stood by her when the world was against her, and they are the only friends she has to date.

However, Jacque said her family was the greatest beacon of hope who never judged or questioned her guilt or innocence.

Maribe further accused some of her media colleagues of falsifying information surrounding the whole case.

In the interview, she recalls being zombified at some point where she could listen to everyone talking in her ears, and all she could hear is noises from all directions.

On her 17-day stay at the  Lang’ata Women’s prison where she was detained, the former TV Girl disclosed that, at first, the other remandees were uncomfortable engaging with her, with the perception that she was a rich celebrity.

She, however, bond with them with time and some even got to tell her stories that led to their arrests.

Although it was tough, Maribe said she tried to be optimistic about it, and they would even make each other’s hair sometimes and laugh their escapades off.

Maribe and her ex-fiance John Irungu are facing charges of murdering businesswoman Monica Kimani, after her body was found lying lifeless in her Lamuria Gardens home on September 20, 2018.

Source: I was Zombified-Jacque Maribe shares her experience after being involved in murder case