April 12, 2021


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‘I stayed in wrong relationships out of desperation to wed by 30’ – Muthoni Mukiri

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Former Inooro TV presenter Muthoni Mukiri has shared things she wishes she knew in her 20’s as it would have made her life easier.

Through her YouTube Channel Muthoni shared that back in the day she was young and naïve and a people pleaser.

‘I wish I knew that you can never keep a man who does not want to be kept in my 20’s.

I worked so hard for this relationships to work.

I had to do so much for someone to like me, going the extra mile of even wearing six heel inches, and doing things I couldn’t even do for my relatives.

It’s called being unhappy trying to please other people.

I sacrificed so much of myself to see the relationship work, But the truth is that you cannot keep a man who does not want to be kept.’

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She further added,

‘If he is not coming around just accept and move on.

I am now in my 30’s and people want me for me, In some instances during our 20’s we find ourselves very desperate.

I had set so many goals to be achieved by the time I hit 30.

I wanted to have a car, 1 kid a side hustle and other things. I made stupid decisons.

I stayed in wrong relationships just so that I could be married by thirty, I was so naïve and miserable.

Right now I am not setting goals to be achieved by a particular age and not obsessing on things.

I wish I knew people pleasing cannot get me anywhere.’

What are some of the things you wish you knew in your 20’s?


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