November 25, 2020


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I love Erick Omondi and he wants me back- Jaque Maribe reveals her thirst for her baby daddy

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Jacque Maribe’s are now happy to hear of her new development after dumping murder convict Jowie Irungu following the suspected murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The former Citizen Tv anchor has not appeared in a single interview to talk about how her life has been after several breakups.

However, she finally sat down with Carole Mandi on True Love Magazine and opened up about what she has been up to. From her childhood to what she is currently doing, Jacque fed the listeners with everything they expected to hear.

While talking about her son and how he miraculously came about, the journalist revealed that she has had the support of her baby daddy, Eric Omondi in raising the boy.

Pushed on whether she would ever consider getting back with the comedian, Jacque responded with strong disapproval. She, however, revealed the desire of the comedian that they get back.

“We will just keep the friendship while raising the child. To be honest, he doesn’t believe it though,” she said.

“A few days ago, he made a joke and he was like you know you’re single and I’m single. We are meant to be single so that one day we just get back together.”

Jacque insists that Eric remains a good friend and she doesn’t wish to break that friendship.