I left studies to work, now star- Western UG’s Qwality KBY shares his success story

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Western Uganda’s fast rising star Abert Musinguzi with stage name Qwality KBY has revealed to us how he dropped his degree to concentrate on a job that has enabled him to succeed in his musical career.

He revealed all this in an interview with us. Read on

Briefly tells us who Qwality KBY is?

Well, I am called Musinguzi Abert also  known as Qwality kby by stage name.I was born in western Uganda Ntungamo District kafunjo village Ruhaama subcounty.

After high school, I enrolled for a  Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBAM) but unfortunately I couldn’t complete all my semesters due to time management of work I had got while On vacation and lectures.

I couldn’t leave the job for studies since I had no back up(someone to pay my tuition) hence opted to focus on work.

Do you have a musical background?

 No. I had never been in any choir but I remember I was among the best students in the entertainment field.

Then who inspired you to sing?

 The musician who inspired me was Jose chameleon by the time of Dorotia song in early 20O2 before even starting schooling.

Alright, so how many songs have you released so far?

 I have 8 songs released so far including Mukidongo, Rukundo, Ngambira(Tell me),  Madinah, Kora-Namani etc.

What is your breakthrough song so far?

I consider’ Ngambira’ to be my breakthrough song since it gained more airplays around Uganda especially in western Uganda. After that all songs I have been releasing are doing good.

What drives day in and out to compose these good songs?

Passion and talent I had when I was young for music was at a high level. This keeps pushing me up-to-date.

What was your first release?

My first release was in early 2017 with a single song called “AM ON WAITING”.My friends at work saw a big talent in me of singing before I realized that I can even compose my own songs because I would everytime be on radio miming any song played. Everyone was surprised in a few months at work and  would tell me I have potential to sing. I couldn’t believe in myself till I started dreaming several times while I was on big stages cheering.

Then from there I started composing and looked for the studio. Ever since,  talent has been growing every year.

What music genre are you into?

I am a versatile artist. I do more than 3 styles but specifically I like afro music. 8 songs so far released.

What keeps you moving to the top?

What keeps me moving is a saying. “if others can then why not me”

I believe in myself and I have courage from different people who support and love my music.

How do you balance music and private life?

I  am not self employed and it’s difficult for me since music needs ample time but I try my best whichever time I get out of my job I use it beneficially for my career.

What have you gained in the music you do so far?

Achievements, I have made friends through connections some so far are like my brothers and sisters. 

And the Challenges?

 The most challenging thing is Time to balance my job and my career. I am not yet a star to be earning from my music hence a lot of Time is rendered to my job. Music also needs time for media tours on radios, TVS, performances etc which are limited to.

Your five year plans?

In 5 years to come if God gives Me a gift of life I will be among top 3 stars in Western Uganda Rocking it.

Who cashes into your music career?

 I have been toiling with my career from day one. I have no management to support me financially but I have well wishers(diehards) who help me in promoting my music, radio presenters etc big up to them.

 Your last remarks?

My advice to everyone, do what you feel you can do better, don’t do what your friend has managed to do.  Everyone is blessed in his/her own field.Discover yourself and keep your dream come true

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