I Insulted Your Mother Because Of This – Funny Faces Release Audio Of Baby Mama Dissing Him

In a recent interview, baby mama of Funny Face played an audio where he was insulting her and her mother.

For the past few days now Funny Face and her baby mama have been all over the news as a new phase of their fight keeps popping up.

After several rants on social media by Funny Face, his baBy Mama also decided to grant interviews to tell her side of the story, and it was through this that she played the audio where Funny Face was insulting herself and her mother.

In reply to it, Funny Face has also released audio of what made him send that audio insulting her mother and herself, where his baby mama was also dissing Funny Face and saying he is not a father because he was not being responsible.

Funny Face did not only share the audio but added this passage. “GYE NYAME “ 🔥✊ I insulted u and ur mother because of dis voice note U sent me .. after everything u putting me through .. I put everything aside and was sending u money yet u still keep on disrespecting me ..and now u are out granting interviews to destroy me da more .. Wao what a woman ? hmmmm .. GOD will deal with u 🤬🔥 … 3333bubor ba .. watch da length of da voice note … I said da insults alone .. wen I listened to dis voice note .. I went to shower and slept .. I felt useless .. I slept dat evening 6:22 pm … EIGh .. you will be watching and spending on a woman cos of ur daughters and yet she stilll see u as thrash and useless .. if u joke ..

I will drop da full voice note ale da world really see who u really are .. but for da sake of Ella and Bella .. take dis few seconds .. do FIM FIM let me drop da blood videos and full voice note of dis one !! ✊🔥 “ GYE NYAME “ God gotch me .. after all dis I sent u 2,000 Ghc. 3 weeks ago .. hmmmm .. u are soo bent on destroying me.. girl know dis .. nobody will take good care of #ELLAandBELLA mor dan me !! So keep helping dem to kill me.. Vanessa my blood will be on ur hands and u will have to explain toda girls in future ..


I wish u well .. Enjoy ur life.. and ur new fame Zz which U got through destroying da father of ur twin daughters. Congratulations girl .. I never posted U or hyped u .. cos I had to calm u down and train u well before showing u to da public … but u were In a hurry to be famous .. Vanessa Tanx for destroying da future if ur own daughters . Wish u well In ur new life.. stay safe 🔥🔥✊ I will never talk abt dis issue again … da subsequent videos and voice note will vindicate me .. but I won’t post dem .. Enjoy ur new found fame .. dat u have always wanted .. just use da fame and ur arrogance to take care of da girls ..bye ! Tanx for being da vessel God used to bless me .. and oh tell maaame yeboah ASIEDU dat u executed her plans very well .. ✊🔥 “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “

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