I had a running battle with my father over my career path – Eucharia Anunobi

I had a running battle with my father over my career path – Eucharia Anunobi

Eucharia Anunobi
Eucharia Anunobi

By Benjami Njoku

Eucharia Anunobi has done well for herself as an actress, model and a worker in the vineyard of God. Her decision to follow her dream against the will of her father who wanted to study law apparently changed the story of her life for good and the star of ‘Glamour Girls’ can tell better.

The actress went down memory lane recently recalling how her stubbornness and resistance brought her to where she is today.

According to her, she had a running battle with her father, after the latter wanted her to study law against her wish as she opted to venture into the entertainment industry.

While her father insisted that the actress must study law, Anunobi who read English Language in her first degree at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, said she stood her ground, maintaining that she would follow her dream despite all odds. At the end of it all, her father soft-peddled , as she had her way. And today, her stubbornness has paid off.

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She recounts: “While I was growing up, my father wanted me to study law, but I opted to venture into the entertainment industry. My stood his ground while I also stood my own ground. At the end of the day, my dream to become an entertainer overruled his.”

“And today, I am more blessed than ever as a minister of the gospel, model and movie star.”

“For me, not only am I a superstar who’s known over all Africa and beyond. But also, I am a minister of the gospel. So, our parents used to say then if you are in the entertainment industry, you are totally lost and would be useless in life. I have proved them wrong and I’m still proving that you can be in the entertainment industry and still be responsible.”

Anunobi made this startling revelation, following the role she played in a newly released high school musical movie, “Loud( Live Out Ur Dream)”, which intends to reassure the teenagers that their dreams are still valid.

Commenting on the movie, which is from the stables of Ebawa Production and directed by Umanu Elijah, Apostle Eucharia Anunobi said that movie is out to correct the norm that entertainers are useless people as perceived by many parents and guidance.

The star of ‘Glamour Girls’, however, urged parents to allow their children to follow their dreams without influence from them. “It’s high time, parents allow their children to push their dreams. They can guide, protect and support them in addition to ensuring that they don’t derail in life. They have to allow their children to live out their dreams which is what the movie is all about.”

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