I don’t use my good looks to seduce girls- Singer Mukabya says

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Mukabya Junior is a fast-rising singer and  a son to legendary kadongo kamu singer Willy Mukabya sabasanyusa.Due to his love for music, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He recently released his song Nze Akufa, a love song that is fast going viral all over music platforms. He also works as the Head of technical department stadium management super sports in South Africa.

 He shared with us his music journey and how it feels to be a son of veteran musician;

Briefly tells us who Mukabya Junior is?

I am a young fast rising singer born Kadongokamu veteran musician Willy Mukabya. Currently I am based in South Africa. Though I am always in and out of Uganda. I work with Supersport SA as head of technical  department in stadium Management.

Now we know your Willy Mukabya’s Songs, why  didn’t you  do the same music style as him?

Hahahah. My father’s generation of music boomed at their time. I couldn’t do the same music in this new and young generation. I needed to do music that fits this generation. Freestyle music.

How does it feel to be a veteran singer’s son?

This is Challenging but in a good way. Because everyone around me expects me to be at my best all the time. That fact makes me work so hard. On the other side, I use my father’s legacy to get some connections through.

Do you use your father’s  legacy to get what you want in this  music industry?

I really don’t use his legacy to get what I want because in this generation it might not apply. Yes a few things here and there I can use his name but all in all I stand as a man to build my own legacy.

When was your first  time in the studio then what song  was that?

My first time in the Studio was this month just before my birthday. I told myself to first stabilize financially so that I can manage myself. Music in Uganda is not easy. I entered the Studio and composed the song I thought I needed and named ‘Nze Akufa’ . I had my friend Big Davie written by Chosen Blood. When the song was released, the whole world shocked me. Music fans welcomed  it. It has trended like nothing. I am so excited about it too.

Who writes most of your  songs then?

Apparently I have chosen Blood  and I am looking up to many writers ahead of my new projects.

Based in South Africa, how do you  promote your music to penetrate Ugandan Audience?

This is not simple. I am just looking up to a group of genuine people who I will be using to promote my music. I am making more and more connections. But I also I am looking forward to use my good music to promote itself.

Let’s talk about  your latest  song, what is the message behind it?

My latest song talks about a woman I am madly in love with. But sometimes love is unfair. You don’t get what you give. I sat and composed the love song “ Nze Akuffa”. I found it difficult to prove my love for her. In the song, I explain to her that if she knew how much I love her, she would love me back.

Young and handsome, how do you handle the ever tagging girls?

I don’t use my looks to seduce girls. When I look at a beautiful girl, I just want to get the good out of her. I look at girls like any other human beings who are around me to work. Not the other way round. My Job makes me get surrounded by beautiful girls so I make sure I am professional in all I do.

How do you find Uganda girls versus South  African girls?

Okay!!! SA girls are really beautiful. Very Beautiful but Ugandan girls are well gifted. Well gifted I mean they know what to do in bed. However, SA girls are boring and a little laid back. The only good thing about SA girls is that they never lie. She will tell you openly what she thinks and wants. A Ugandan girl will tell a lie to get what she wants.

We know celebs and girls are inseparable. Have you ever had a one night stand with a random girl. Maybe those  you shoot videos  with?

I have not yet experienced such. And I don’t expect myself to do such in the near future.

What do you want Ugandans to know you for?

My dream is to pull the attention of the most talented people in the world to know Uganda has such big talents. I want to use the Microphone to reach and help the young people in Uganda.

Your last remarks

I thank all the fans and media people that look out for the talents. I thank my Dad, Willy Mukabya who has raised me up. I thank the supersport team that believes in me and is always here to support. And to the rest of Ugandan and music lovers all over the world, just click here and listen to my song;






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