September 21, 2021


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I Don’t Access ‘Investors’ Anymore – Bad Black Opens Up about $5000 Rent Arrears

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City socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has responded to allegations that she has defaulted on rent for over ten months.

Black responded after screenshots made rounds on social media,a chat between between Comedian Patrick Salvado and Snapchat queen Ritah Kagwa concerning the said arrears.

Kagwa shared a screenshot of her conversation with comedian Patrick Salvador on Thursday in which he claimed to be looking for Bad Black over failure to clear rent arrears from August last year.

Bad Black has been staying in Butabiika with her fiancé and her children.

According to Salvador, the house belongs to his sister and Black has not cleared its rent for ten months.

“She was staying at my sister’s house, defaulted on rent since August last year and has never paid water, a bill of 2.5m, so water was disconnected and even the meter taken away,” Salvador narrates in the chat with Kagwa..

He also stated that Bad Black left the house in the middle of the night and disappeared into thin air.

A chat between Salvador and Ritah Kagwa

However, Bad Black has said she didn’t run away as Ritah Kagwa and other people are reporting.

“Yes I was summoned to shift and am ready to go to court. First of all, that Butabiika house was $1600 monthly and I have stayed there since Dec 2018. We are in the pandemic, si kyalaba ba investors (I don’t see ‘investors’ anymore), and if they demand $5000, that’s 3 months which I failed to pay,” Bad Black posted on her Facebook page.

According to Bad Black, she was summoned to leave the house because she defaulted on 3 months and not 10 months like Salvador alleged.

She also added that the notice of eviction was abrupt and from a landlord who hadn’t given her the new tenancy agreement for the new year. Bad Black added that she is ready to clear her name in court.


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