‘I despise this day’: Jamie Bartlett remembered on 2nd anniversary

It’s been since the death of actor Jamie Bartlett, and his girlfriend Rosa Onious is reliving the pain like it was yesterday.

The veteran screen star – known for his roles on Rhythm City and Isidingo –  died on 23 May 2023 after a heart attack. He was 55 years old.

Rosa and Jamie Bartlett began dating in 2019 after first meeting a decade ago. The star was previously married to actress Camilla Waldman, who is also the mother of his only child.


Rosa Onious – who discovered Jamie Bartlett’s lifeless body after his heart attack – reflected on her heartbreak in the year following his death.

Posting a gallery of images of them together, she shared, “How has it been two years when it feels like yesterday? I will forever despise this day—a day that stole from us.

“You will forever live in my heart, J. You are loved. If we didn’t cross each other’s paths, I wouldn’t be the strongest person that I am today. You built me.

Rosa reflected on how this year’s commemoration of her partner would be different from the last.

She continued: “Last year, I spent this day miserable, crying and in bed. But this year, I am going to rejoice and celebrate the memories and the love we shared. Our story was meant to end the way it did, and I am grateful for it.

Rosa has often shared how Jamie was hands-on with her five children from another relationship.

Jamie Bartlett had his own biological son – Hector – whom he shared with his ex-wife, actor Camilla Waldman.

Jamie Bartlett and partner Rosa Onious.
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Speaking to Tshisalive a month after Jamie Bartlett’s death, Rosa revealed that his life was tragically cut short.

She said: “Jamie and I loved to travel. We had plans this year to go places, business, but God had other plans. I’m angry, I’m sad, but I’m trying to understand there is a purpose for him wherever he is. A part of the house still smells like him, and it’s difficult.

Reflecting on his final hours, she said: “I remember on the morning Jamie passed, he told me how much he loved me, and he can never see his life without me in it, and I feel the exact same. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, but I’m going to have to do it. I could never picture myself without him.”

According to the Citizen, Jamie Bartlett’s cause of death was from a cardiac arrest.