I am Still A Loyal Soldier of The UPDF, Says Gen Kayihura

For Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura, has said he is neither a “traitor” nor a “treacherous person” and that he would always serve as a loyal soldier of the UPDF.

Gen. Kayihura, who was dropped from the helm of the police command in 2018 before being arrested and charged before the military court, made his first public appearance this past Saturday in Kisoro district.

“I have never betrayed my country. Never. I am a loyal cadre and committed soldier of the Ugandan armed forces.”

Kayihura was addressing mourners at the burial of his close relative – the late Ancila Bucyana Ruhimbi in the South Western district of Uganda.

Kayihura’s sacking left a bitter taste in the mouth of the people of Kisoro.

President Museveni has to commit to free Kayihura before the people of Kisoro could vote for him in the 2021 general elections.

Kayihura, who had served as Museveni’s military assistant, was accused of illegally facilitating the repatriation of Rwandan refugees and working with the Rwandan President Paul Kagame to topple the Kampala government.

It was alleged that Kayihura was building a political base through Boda Boda riders and crime preventers to challenge Museveni’s hold on power.

Activists accused him of overseeing human rights violations and failing to apprehend the killers of prosecutor Joan Kagezi and AIGP Andrew Kaweesi.

Kayihura later said in a statement that discredited narrative was being “perpetrated by intriguers in Uganda since I left the Uganda Police Force.”

He added: “Their objective was to falsely criminalize me and accuse me of all sorts of crimes in order to malign me and destroy my public persona.”

Kayihura at the military court in Makindye during his trial in 2018

Kayihura’s public statements come at a time President Museveni is forming a new government.

It’s said Museveni intends to redeploy Gen Kayihura as well as former Premier Amama Mbabazi.

At the burial ceremony, Kayihura commended the people of Kisoro district for standing firm and showing the whole world their strong bond.

He described Bafumbira as “heroes who have endless love for their own people.”

Kayihura said that neither guns nor ranks could help anyone amidst challenges.

Gen Kayihura also said that he was impressed by rate of development in Kisoro district and challenged leaders to lobby for a tourism city.

Gen. Kayihura’s appearance mesmerized the public since they had not seen him in a long period of time after the court martial had restricted his movements as part of his bail conditions.

During the 2021 election campaigns, Kisoro leaders asked Museveni to pardon Kayihura.

“You are the most merciful president we have ever heard and you have forgiven many people. We beg you forgive Gen.Kayihura for anything he may have wronged you,” said LC 5 chairman Abel  Bizimana.

Museveni responded: “You have told me that Kale Kayihura is a good mobiliser in this area and has done a lot for the party and that you want him pardoned. Since you have asked me to pardon him like I have always done to other people, I will talk to the military prosecution to see what to do with the charges. I will personally follow it up,” Museveni told local leaders.

In 2018, Gen. Kayihura was arrested and arraigned before the army court in Makindye where he faced several charges related to abuse of authority while serving as the police commander, failure to supervise and ensure accountability for fire arms among others.

He spent more than two months in detention at Makindye military barracks before he was granted bail with stringent conditions.

Since then, the powerful Army General has kept a low profile at his farm in Lyantonde.

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