I am frustrated but I will not give up-Gen Tumukunde

Presidential candidate Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde

Kasese, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Presidential candidate Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde says he remains hopeful to win the elections despite frustrations from security personnel. 

Tumukunde says that government might be using the selective use of unwarranted force to discourage candidates from campaigns. 

According to Tumukunde, the government had the option to postpone the election following the Covid-19 pandemic but it didn’t because President Museveni knew he would benefit from it by frustrating his rivals.

Speaking in Kasese on Monday, Tumukunde said that his supporters have been dispersed from the campaign venues.

Tumukunde asked the Electoral Commission to give its position regarding the confrontations between candidates and security personnel. 

On Monday Tumukunde abandoned his campaign rallies in Kasese accusing police in the district of frustrating him. 

Tumukunde arrived at Katunguru in Katwe Sub County around 10:00 am and was received by the Katwe-Kabatoro District Police Commander Tyson Rutambika.

However, he was blocked at Kagando hospital on grounds that he was not designated to campaign passed the area.  Tumukunde also abandoned his second rally in Nyakatonzi, Mukunyu Sub County, accusing the police of threatening and blocking people from the venue.

He accused police of being partisan and frustrating both electorates and political candidates from exercising their political rights. 

He said that a number of his supporters were standing far from the venue because they feared the heavy police presence. 

In Bwera, the District Police Commander Sabila Sadat informed Tumukunde that he was not supposed to campaign in the area.



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