Human rights activist, NJERI WA MIGWI, rescues a 21-year-old Ugandan househelp who was drugged, raped, and infected with an STD by her employer’s husband in Meru (PHOTOs).

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 – Human rights activist, Njeri Wa Migwi, has come to the rescue of a 21-year-old Ugandan househelp who underwent both physical and emotional torture at the hands of her employer’s husband.

She was employed in Meru where her employer’s husband would drug her and rape her.

She fell pregnant and contracted an STD in the process.

Njeri managed to rescue the girl and enrolled her in intensive therapy sessions after she miscarried.

She also facilitated her travel back to her country after the therapy sessions.

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The Kenyan DAILY POST.