Huawei roots for safer internet use

Huawei Technologies has unveiled a devolved training program for youth in partnership with the County governments to drive stronger awareness on the mechanics of making better and safer use of the Internet.

Speaking during the global commemoration known as Safer Internet Day in Kilifi County, Huawei Director of Women in Technology Maureen Mwaniki said the firm had partnered with several organizations to provide vital cyber security information and practical use of devices to obtain optimal benefits from the Internet.

“We are working closely with the Communications Authority and County Governments to deepen our Kenyan youth’s understanding of how to use the internet for greater personal growth while at the same time protecting themselves from online predators and fraudsters,” said Ms. Mwaniki

The training involves using Huawei’s mobile digital classroom known as the DigitTruck which is equipped with computers connected to 4G internet and teaching the youth extensively on online safety.

They experience gaming as a teaching tool by playing the Cyber Soljasgame. Cyber Soljas educates children on guidelines related to cybercrime, cyberbullying, ID theft, fake news, and catfishing.

Ms. Mwaniki added that girls, in particular, are at higher risk of being victims on the Internet and called for stronger parental and teacher guidance to them on the opportunities that the world wide web presents for education as well as enterprise.

However, she also noted that there are individuals and organisations that prowl the Internet and target websites that are easy to access and which promise benefits such as jobs and romantic relationships.

“In this day and age, our people are exposed to a higher risk of being defrauded or even trafficked and it is incumbent upon each responsible adult to educate their younger relatives and friends that while the Internet is a mine of useful information, it also serves as a hunting ground for crafty people. It is therefore crucial that they consult widely and learn to note the red flags,” she explained.

Echoing her remarks, the Kilifi Deputy County Commissioner Peter Ndungu said, “Internet use comes with its advantages. I encourage everyone to share the skills acquired with their parents and siblings. We believe that working with organizations like Huawei will build the necessary partnerships to drive our youth to make the Internet useful since we have seen they are able to use their time creatively to develop new skills, and to be safe while at it”

The safer internet training will involve the Drigitruck travelling to remote parts of the country and providing lessons covering a wide range of topics, including the use of computers and the internet to find jobs, study, market, and sell products while using search engine tools to access helpful information online. The DigiTruck currently traversing counties within the coast region arrived last week in Kilifi from Tana River County. As such, the digital skills and online safety training will continue as DigiTruck moves to the next County.




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