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How to Start Bitcoin Investment in Nigeria

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How to Invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria

For many in Nigeria, most of the investment opportunities available often require a prohibitive high financial outlay and enduring slow returns on investment. Little wonder then that when the investment opportunity of cryptocoins came along offering solid assets with quick returns, the scurry in Nigeria towards Bitcoin investment was understandable. Perhaps you wonder if making a Bitcoin investment is worth it, or if it’s safe. If so, please read on.

Is Bitcoin investment worth it?

People in Nigeria traded 60,215 Bitcoins, valued at more than $566 million just between 2015 and 2020.”

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It’s fair enough to say that Bitcoin investment in Nigeria is worth every dime, literally, as the going rate of Bitcoin is projected to only go higher.

Still, some doubting Thomases persist who wonder how safe this investment is.

Is Bitcoin investment safe?

Honestly, Bitcoin investment is quite risky. Butonly as risky as investing in Real estate or buying stocks.And far less risky than saving money idly at the bank waiting for inevitable inflation to eat it up.

Many have taken out the dwindling funds from their banks and invested into Bitcoin using secure platforms like BITBAAZI.COM. Today they’re only some of the numerous success stories of Bitcoin investment in Nigeria.

The how-to guide for investing Bitcoin

Investing Bitcoin can appear daunting for some who have never done this before. Any suchdubiety isonly normal. Perhaps a quick guide will illuminate the way. Here’s how to invest in Bitcoin in Nigeria:

  1. Set up a trading account
  2. Purchase Bitcoins at a good price
  3. Know when to buy and sell
  4. Exchange your crypto tokens

Setting up a trading account

This is the first step for any Bitcoin investment. It’s also the most important and rate-limiting as well. Amateur investors have been scammed off their cash by con apps which claim to sell Bitcoins. Only deal with legit crypto exchangers like everyone recognizes as a leading Crypto Exchange platform in Nigeria. Ensure you have a unique password and do not share your login details with others.

Purchase Bitcoins at a good price

When it comes to Bitcoin investment, the goal is to buy cheap and sell for profit. Go for platforms that give the correct rates and have fewer charges. Some cryptoexchangers operate double scales for buying and selling. Avoid them! Go for transparency.

Know when to buy and sell

Now you have your precious Bitcoin.However small, you now own crypto assets which can either appreciate or depreciate.With more experience, you’d learn when to sell and when to buy.

Exchange your crypto tokens

Bitcoins are a great asset and they can be exchanged for other crypto coins that could have potential. P2P trades are also a great way to grow your tokens. On this I recommend for p2p trading in Nigeria.

Getting full value for your investment

Like every other investment venture in Nigeria, the Bitcoin market is rife with challenges and difficulties that can be successfully navigated. To continue to enjoy your investment, remember the following:

  • Avoid Bitcoin investment scams
  • Trade only on secure reliable platforms
  • Do not share your crypto wallet sensitive information
  • Continue to learn about your coins

In conclusion, investing in Bitcoin could be the best thing you ever did with your money. Visit WWW.BITBAAZI.COM and enjoy a hassle-free investment.

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