How to Pass Microsoft MS-700 Tests with Flying Colors? What It Has to Do with Dumps?

In the past, teams had to meet in one location for people to collaborate on a project. Today, from wherever you are on your computer, you can work on similar projects with your team members with lots of ease. Microsoft Corporation has been a leading contributor to this new form of the workplace with its Microsoft Teams solutions. With the increasing demand for people to collaborate remotely, Microsoft has ensured that such interactions are done more accurately and professionally. For this reason, this company introduced the Microsoft MS-700 exam and its respective credential known as the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate certification. So, stick with us as we go in-depth into what these two professional instruments are all about.

Introduction to Microsoft MS-700 Assessment

Overall, MS-700 is about handling Microsoft Teams. The main focus of this exam is on three major areas, as follows:

  • The management of app policies and Teams;
  • Organizing and configuring Teams environment;
  • Calls, chats, and meetings management.

Getting certified relies highly on you taking MS-700 and earning at least 700 of the possible 1000 points. Other details of the Microsoft MS-700 to look out for before tackling it include:

  • The number of questions: 40 to 60 questions;
  • Duration of exam: 3 hours;
  • Exam languages available: English;
  • Question formats to expect: multiple-choice, mark review, repeated answer choices, etc.
  • Cost of the exam: $165.

It’s Time to Launch Your MS-700 Prep with Official Training

Now that you know what such atest is all about, all that follows is preparing for your MS-700 adequately. On the Microsoft official site, you will have access to multiple preparation resources serving this purpose, namely:

  1. Free online training: This option encapsulates two learning paths revolving around the exam topics of Microsoft Teams. These two learning paths deal with managing the collaboration of teams using Microsoft Teams and upgrading to the latter. These two paths together constitute 10 modules which should take youalmost five hours to complete.
  2. Instructor-led course: if you do not prefer self-guided free training, you could take advantage of the instructor-led course that is paid and will last for 4 days. This option offers you a more human classroom experience and covers six primary areas, namely:
  • An overview of Microsoft Teams;
  • Compliance, governance, and security implementation for Teams;
  • Microsoft Teams communication;
  • Microsoft Teams collaboration management;
  • Teams deployment and handling;
  • Microsoft Teams environment preparation for deployment.

How to Supplement Your MS-700 with Dumps?

Once you’ve undergone your training, you could supplement your preparation for MS-700 with another helpful method. For instance, you can look for good and quality dumps that can be found online. Utilizing dumps will help you achieve a particular set of objectives like:

  • Test your exam readiness;
  • Improve your precision in answering test questions;
  • Improve your exam confidence levels;
  • Build exam stamina.


With all these done, all that remains for you is sitting for your Microsoft MS-700 exam and acing it. Once that is completed, what will follow is getting the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate badge. And if you are puzzled with what training options to pick in your prep, remember that reliable dumps from third-party websites will always back you up!

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