November 25, 2020


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How to create a handwritten signature for your PDFs?

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Create a handwritten signature to sign your PDF documents before sending them back by email.

You have just received documents by email to complete and return signed and you do not know how to proceed? Do you have to print the document, fill it in manually with a pen, then scan it to send it back? No ! PDF reading software has more than one trick up its sleeve and includes many tools that are mostly unknown to the general public.

While it is relatively easy to fill in the boxes of a form using the tools offered by your PDF reader software, putting a handwritten signature at the bottom of a document can be a bit more complicated for users. not seasoned.

However, creating your signature to affix it to all your electronic documents is not rocket science. To perform the manipulation, we use the PDF viewer Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Here is how to proceed to create a handwritten signature that you can use to sign all your documents.

1. Download Acrobat Reader DC

First step, if the program is not already installed on your computer, download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This software allows you to open PDF files, view them, and even edit them if you need to fill out a form.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows (Free)
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Mac (Free)

2. Open the document and complete it

To fill in your PDF file and sign it, click on the menu Tools then select the option Complete and sign. When enabled, this option allows you to manually create text boxes in which you can enter your information and change its size. Some forms include fields specially designed for data entry and do not require this option to be activated.

3. Create a new signature

At the top of the window, just above your document, click the button Sign , then on Add signature.


A new window opens and offers several options: the first, Type allows you to enter your name in a handwritten style, the second, Trace allows you to draw your signature using the mouse, while the third option offers the possibility of importing an already scanned signature.

4. Draw your signature

Choose option Trace, then using your mouse, or a stylus or your finger if you are using a trackpad, draw your usual signature and validate it by clicking on Apply.

The signature is saved, can be applied immediately to your document, and can be moved and resized. Note that you will have to access the Tools then choose Complete and sign to sign other documents later using the signature you created. Remember to save your PDF file to validate the changes made to the document.

Source: How to create a handwritten signature for your PDFs?