How to avoid being used by men or women depending on their gender

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A family in Nairobi has surprised the world after they organised a unique
birthday party for their daughter who recently turned 22 years old.
Videos and pictures captured during the colourful event showed that it was attended
by celebrities and influencers in the showbiz industry.
The lady who was turning 22 comes from a well-off family and is also a fast-growing
TikToker. Instead of the usual cake cutting, popping of champagne and blasting music
synonymous with many birthday parties, this one took a more solemn approach.
The music that played was cool. Most of the tunes that blared from the home theatre
were gospel songs.
Birthday party to remember
However, what stood out was an award ritual that was done by the parents. They
presented the university girl with a custom-made medal and recognised her as the first
daughter in their family who had crossed 21 years without getting pregnant while still
in school.
“We have seven children. Njoki here is our last born. We have six girls and one boy.
We like joking about this, but it is a serious matter if you look at it keenly. All five
girls gave me grandkids while still in school. Even my only son Kamau…he made a
girl pregnant.

Luckily, it happened that we were good friends with the father of the lady in question.
So we ironed out the issues quickly, and now we are taking care of the baby,” said the
father as the mother looked on and nodded.
The unique birthday party ended with a speech from a popular motivational speaker
who was hired to share some wisdom with the young girls who had attended the
Being used by men and women
During the event, Njoki’s sisters, who spoke, said that they were all duped into getting
pregnant by men who later took off and never wanted to take responsibility.
The mother of the girls revealed that the trend broke her heart, adding that even the
church sidelined them, with a section of members accusing them of raising
promiscuous children.
She revealed that she really looked for a solution to prevent her last-born daughter
Njoki from following the trend since she wanted her to finish her education first
before thinking of having kids.
“I also look forward to the day I will walk her down the aisle if she ever decides to
wed,” she remarked.
In a closed-door set-up, she disclosed that she had visited Mugwenu Doctors, who
provided her with charms and spells that prevent being used by men or women.
“They said that my family had been attacked by a spirit that was determined to put us
down by exposing us to preying men and women who were targeting my kids.
The spells, Mugwenu Doctors said, would ward off any negative energy and such
influence,” she said. True to their word, Njoki has been able to clock 22 years without
being used by rogue men. The spell is set to protect her until the day she will wed a
man who truly loves her.
The spell repels people with bad influence. Apart from the spell to prevent being used
by men and women, Njoki was also given a spell to help her in her studies, and this is
the reason she is topping her class at the university.
Mugwenu Doctors have spell-casting powers that can handle various issues, from
legal matters, lottery wins, family and property protection, to future predictions.

His spells work fast, usually within a day of casting them. Many of his clients testify
that they have experienced profound healing and improved relationships after seeking
his help.
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false love several times, and you don’t know why this keeps happening to you?
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Kibra man says he is unable to say no to wife
Just the other day a man from Kibra confessed that the power of Mugwenu Doctors had put him
under his wife.
According to him, his wife got a spell to command a spouse and since then, he has become a
good husband and never causes trouble like before.
“I can’t say no to anything she says, I literally adore her too much,” he said.

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