How to activate Dark Mode on the Facebook mobile app

Facebook has started rolling out the dark theme on its iOS and Android mobile app. Here’s how to activate it now.

After months of testing, the dark theme for Facebook’s mobile app has officially been rolling out since the start of the month. Available on iOS and Android, it allows you to change the color of the Facebook interface by turning it to dark gray.

If you have a smartphone with an OLED screen, then don’t expect to be able to save some small battery life, Facebook’s dark theme is one without really being. Check if you can already use it and activate it now on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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1. Go to Settings

From the home page of the application, go to the main menu represented by three superimposed lines. Then scroll through the options and expand the menu Settings and privacy.

If a menu Dark mode is present, the function has been deployed on your device and you can activate it. Otherwise, you will still have to arm yourself with patience while waiting for Facebook to deploy the dark theme on your application.

2. Activate dark mode

Once in the menu Dark mode, several options are available. You can indeed configure the application so that it applies the theme used by default on your Facebook on System.

In other words, if you are using a light theme, Facebook will use a light theme, and if you are using a dark theme, the app will also use a dark theme.

You can also choose to have dark mode constantly Enabled. The Facebook application will then always use it, regardless of the theme used by the OS of your smartphone.

Source: How to activate Dark Mode on the Facebook mobile app