How Gatundu South MP Gabriel Gathuka Kagombe almost killed me with his pregnancy

Lydia Mathai and Gatundu mp Kagombe (lovers)

On August 17, 2015, Lydia Mathia, a senior official at the Ministry of Youth and Public Service, accused Gabriel Gathuka Kagombe of attempting to murder her and their unborn child.

Kagombe, who later became Gatundu South MP, was alleged to have physically assaulted Mathia and threatened her with a gun.

Mathia recounted that she had agreed to meet Kagombe in his office around 6:30 PM to discuss business matters.

However, the meeting quickly escalated into a violent confrontation

The incident, which Mathia detailed in a Facebook post, included claims of being thrown against a wall, punched and kicked by Kagombe, who also allegedly aimed a gun at her when she sought refuge in a toilet.

“He threw me on the floor and kicked me about, dragging me around. All this time, I was just clutching my tummy, afraid of what these blows could do to my baby,” she wrote in her post.

Mathia further alleged that Kagombe pressed his hand against her mouth and threatened her, saying “Shut up! Shut up! Who do you think you are?”

Mathia also accused Kagombe of pointing a gun at her and threatening to shoot when she locked herself in the toilet.

She described seeing the gun clearly and how she managed to avoid being shot by stepping away from the window.

Eventually, she managed to dial a friend who called the police, prompting Kagombe to flee the scene.

Kagombe later denied the allegations stating that he and Mathia had been involved in a branding project for Huduma Centre valued at Ksh 19 million and the falling out was due to hr alleged misappropriation of funds from their joint account.

He also denied being the father of her child and expressed his readiness to take a DNA test to prove his innocence.

Mathia insisted that this was not the first time she was pregnant with Kagombe’s child.

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