How 2024 IEC vote rigging is ‘impossible’, says commission

With less than one week to go to the most important election in South Africa’s 30-year democracy, the commission assures Mzansi that 2024 IEC vote rigging is ‘impossible’. The South African has already looked into the following election topics:

How the Electoral Commission plans to combat voter fraud in 2024.  

How the organisation will be counting votes in 2024 to ensure a free and fair election.

And why you’ll be filling in three ballots in 2024, and here’s how that’ll all work.


Are you ready for the big vote on Wednesday 29 May 2024? Image: ANA

But what of the dreaded 2024 IEC vote rigging? According to the Electoral Commission of South Africa; whose task it is to deliver a free and fair election, there is no way the vote can be rigged. So says IEC board chairperson, Mosotho Moepya. He was speaking at the launch of the National Results Operations Centre (ROC) in Midrand this week, reports IOL.

Come next week, the results centre will house hundreds of members from all the political parties and scores of election observers. Moreover, as regards 2024 IEC vote rigging, he told IOL: “We have not found a way to open a loophole for that to happen (vote rigging). And this is not only about the Voter Management Device (VMD). There are upwards of 30 security measures on top of the VMD, but I cannot disclose them all for security reasons,” said Moepya.  


Indelible ink is just one of 30 measures the Electoral Commission of South Africa has to ensure free and fair elections. Image: File

The VMD records when a voter comes to the voting station, which station that is, and even what time they vote. Voters will receive an indelible ink mark on their thumb after voting. “We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that these elections are credible, free and fair,” said chief electoral officer Masego Sheburi. Who also implored Mzansi’s 27-million registered voters to come out in their numbers next Wednesday. More than 270 000 volunteers have been recruited to help serve the election process.

Moreover, at the launch event, the IEC said the Gallagher Estate results centre in Midrand was a commitment to transparency and integrity. All election votes would be counted at individual voting stations. Presiding officers along with party agents will then issue a voter results slip which will be communicated back to Midrand HQ through an electronic system.

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