January 18, 2021


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Houston Rockets James Harden on a trade to Brooklyn Nets

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Dayo Mustapha


One of the NBA’s most prolific scorers and earned recognition as the best shooting guard in the NBA, James Harden of Houston Rockets has been handed a trade to Brooklyn Nets.

It was recalled that after Tuesday’s defeat to the western conference leader, L.A Lakers, 31-year-old Harden said ” Houston were not even close, honestly” to the league’s top competition.”

He was the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2018 with a score record of over 35 points 15 times, making him the only player to achieve this feat in NBA history.

For the deal to come through, Harden will pair with his former teammates at Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant who left Golden State Warriors for Brooklyn Nets this season after consistent injury.

Harden, an eight-time All-Star, was acquired by the Rockets from the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012.

According to a report by ESPN: ” Houston is acquiring Caris LeVert and Rodions Kurucs from the Nets, Dante Exum from the Cleveland Cavaliers, three first-round picks from the Nets, one first-round pick from the Cavaliers via the Milwaukee Bucks, and four first-round pick swaps from the Nets.”

While at Rockets from 2012-2020, he led the team to the NBA playoffs in all eight years.