Honour your commitments for power used – ECG urges clients

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has commenced a week-long revenue mobilization exercise aimed at recouping debts on its books.

This marks the second aggressive effort by ECG to recover debts, as it fell short of its initial target of GH¢5 billion in the previous exercise.

Carlien Bou-Chedid, a board member of ECG, expressed optimism that customers would settle their debts to ensure the company’s continued operation.

Speaking to Citi News about the exercise, Mrs. Bou-Chedid said: “This exercise is a week-long exercise and we are encouraging our customers to make payments as and when they should. Disconnection is our last option, it is not something the company wants to do. We encourage customers to honour their commitments for the electricity that they have used. Our teams will be engaging them and finding out the payments they have made. We will not just be going round disconnecting for the sake of disconnection.”

“We want you to be using the electricity, but we will want you to also pay for it. Generally, so far, we find that customers want to make payment. They have understood that they need to do this regularly on a monthly basis. There are still a few difficulties as the payments are made and there are slight delays in reflection, but these will all be addressed. We advise customers to keep their receipts on them so that when teams come to inspect, they can show as proof of payment.”


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