Hoërskool Elspark: Fight between learners sparked by ‘lost cellphone’

A video depicting chaotic scenes of violence between learners at Hoërskool Elspark has been making the rounds on social media. The Gauteng Education Department initially said one learner was stabbed in the process, however, after MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited the school on Tuesday, the number rose to two.


Following Lesufi’s visit to Hoërskool Elspark, he revealed that the incident emanated from a lost cellphone belonging to a learner. 

“It is alleged that the violence started in the school premises on Monday, 16 November 2020, and Subsequently, two learners allegedly suffered stab wounds, however, it is not clear who might have stabbed both learners,” said Lesufi. 

Lesufi said the incident allegedly started last Friday and spilled over to Monday.

The School Governing Body has launched an investigation which will lead to the identification of the culprit and necessary disciplinary action to be taken against all involved in the debacle. 

“All allegations raised by parents, among others that there was lack of care and assistance from the school employees, will also be investigated accordingly,” he added. 

Lesufi called upon anyone who alleged racism at Hoërskool Elspark to provide information so that action may be taken. He also applauded the school for embracing change by accommodating English learners in the school. 

While investigations continue, a psychosocial team has been dispatched to the school to support all those who are affected by the incident. 

“The school will also support learners who are currently hospitalised,” the department said. 


On Tuesday morning, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Ekurhuleni Region announced that they would visit the school.

“We are headed to Hoërskool Elspark this morning after a group of young white scholars attacked and stabbed a black boy in what is evidently a deep case of racist behaviour. We must never allow racism to find comfort in our society,” it said.

A woman took to Twitter on Monday claiming it was her younger brother who was stabbed at Hoërskool Elspark.

“My [little brother] was stabbed a number of times by fellow white learners at Hoërskool Elspark this morning. The school had the nerve to call the parent to come to school tomorrow morning because my brother is a witness to something big that happened at the school…”

“The young man is currently in hospital with chopped tendons and they said nothing about that,” she added. 

Lesufi who announced that two learners were hospitalised, said one of them was rushed to a theatre room as their finger was almost severed.