Hijacking victim’s body discovered in a ditch in KwaZulu-Natal


The body of a hijacking victim was found in a ditch on Jabu Ngcobo Road close to Tea Estate, KwaZulu-Natal on 23 November 2022, a post by Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) said.

Shoelace found wrapped around hijacking victim’s neck

The Verulam police contacted RUSA at around 12:44 to request a declaration of death.

Upon the medics’ arrival, they found the body of a man lying in a ditch next to the road.

When they investigated the body, they found a shoelace wrapped around the man’s neck.

The victim is presumed to have been strangled.

It was said that he also sustained a penetrating wound to his right arm.

The body of a hijacking victim was found in a ditch. Image: Reaction Unit South Africa

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Significant rise in hijackings

Stats SA reported that around 137 000 hijackings occurred in 2021-2022, as crime increased over the period.

This affected 134 000 persons over the age of 16.

Around 63% of these victims reported some or all crimes to the police.

Police give safety tips during a hijacking

The South African Police Service released the following safety tips aimed at giving a potential hostage or hijacking victim practical advice.


Do everything the perpetrators tell you to do

Try at all times to maintain your pride, dignity and self-respect

Keep your brain active by playing games in your mind(mind games), daydreaming and reading whatever you are offered

To maintain your physical strength you should eat the food provided by your captor(s)

Try to maintain a sense of humour, but do not ridicule the aggressors

Try to remain orientated regarding your movements, directions, time and place

Try to maintain a routine and remain fit, if circumstances permit

Allow yourself to be led by your captor(s)

Try to remain cool and calm

Fall flat and remain down during the relieving attack


At any time become panic stricken or hysterical

Offer any form of resistance

Become abusive and aggressive or lose your temper

Threaten or provoke the captor(s)

Try to be a hero

Engage in an argument with the captor(s)

Engage in any whispered conversations with the perpetrators

Use foreign concepts of language, as this could arouse the captor’s suspicions

Make any demands

Try to escape, as this could place you at risk

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