Here’s how you can tell Diana Marua is genuinely content with Bahati

Diana Marua and Bahati are genuinely happy with each other and no, I am not saying this because of all the lovey-dovey captions she posts or because of all the publicity stunts she and her husband keep getting upto. “My ex told me to my face that his side chick is pregnant for him,” Diana Marua opens up on fully financing a guy who turned ungrateful It is easy to tell she is content because she is now sharing all the dark, leary details of her past and the nonsense she got up to. You see, Diana Marua had a storied past before she got involved with Bahati. She has been linked to advertising executives, footballers and other celebrities including radio personalities. One would assume that with such a record of past dalliances, she would be willingly open about her history. She has in the recent past been open about having sponsors and being a veritable socialite in the understanding Kenyans have of that term. She was a heaux in her younger days -which is saying much given she is older than Bahati. “I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua opens up on her first encounter with Bahati (Video) When she met her current husband, he pursued the relationship with her in spite of everything his peers, his friends and foes within the contemporary gospel fraternity had to say. He chose to ignore all the naysayers. As far as Diana Marua is concerned though, she is with the man who is her best current option so her hypergamy is sated. And she is feeling not just content but secure in her knowledge that Bahati is not going to up and change things. She knows she has him and he too is content. So she…

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