April 16, 2021


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HERE is what confused angry DP Ruto told Citizen TV’s Joe Ageyo over BBI

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Ageyo: Who were you directing the proposals to?
DP William Ruto: We need to have a discussion keeping in mind where the country is-in the midst of a pandemic
The manner in which this process has been conducted has no legal framework…Fortunately, there are people who are listening and some concerns raised have been taken on board

DP William Ruto: From where I sit, the original agreement was that there were no constitutional changes but along the way things can happen and I have no problem with that…My boss, the President, is involved in this process thus it is my duty to ensure that I make my contribution to make the process succeed and brings out the best possible outcome

DP William Ruto: We believe it is possible to have a referendum where Kenyans vote on articles independently. As leaders, we have to change of how we view Kenyans. Their views, concerns, ideas, proposals also matter.

DP William Ruto: Experts can be able to package the sections that go together…Liberia is voting on a multiple-choice referendum next week, New Zealand, Switzerland, Peru, US have done it…It is not something far-fetched

DP William Ruto: Let us not underestimate the intelligence of Kenyans, claim that a multiple-choice referendum will confuse them…Kenyans are intelligent

DP William Ruto: You heard the President say at Bomas that I participated in the nomination of those who are in the BBI committee. That is the truth…but changing the constitution was not part of their brief…When the exercise was concretized into a constitution, it was necessary for us to step in and look at the proposals made

DP William Ruto: I am careful on what I say because I hold myself to account…This is a constitution-making process. The constitution is about every Kenyan, myself included. If it is being amended, I do not have the luxury to stand aside and do nothing about it…It is my duty…I do not want history to judge me for not stepping out to speak out

DP William Ruto: We are all in this process. At some point it will become clear…We do not have a legal framework that is supporting this process like we had in 2010… It is never too late to do the right thing. It is important for us to listen to one another. I believe we should have a win-win situation and I believe it is possible

DP William Ruto: There is need to contextualize issues…Supreme Court made a decision that process is as good as the result. We need to be careful on the process- Is it a popular initiative or a parliamentary initiative?