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Helen Zille accused of ‘striking secret election deal’ with Cyril Ramaphosa

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These EFF Pressers are never boring, we’ll say that. Julius Malema has been addressing all things related to the 2021 Elections, and subsequent attempts to form governments across the hung metros of South Africa. The EFF leader, however, suspects that Helen Zille (DA) and Cyril Ramaphosa (ANC) had formed a secret cross-party alliance.

Did Helen Zille and Cyril Ramaphosa ‘come to an agreement’?

There’s a lot to unpack from these revelations. Malema is convinced that that the pair wanted to ‘upset the opposition’ parties, with a view of allowing Ramaphosa to emerge looking like a successful leader. For Zille’s part of the deal, it is alleged that sweeping ANC victories would allow the DA to blame voters for backing smaller parties.

This has been a consistent theme of the DA’s messaging in 2021, and they have openly chastised citizens for taking their anti-ANC votes to less established organisations. However, if this plot really did exist, it failed miserably.

‘EFF prioritised keeping the ANC out of power’ – Julius Malema

The EFF, ActionSA, and a handful of others decided to back DA candidates in four of the five hung metros, and the tactic worked in Gauteng, as the Blues claimed leadership of Joburg, Ekurhuleni, and Tshwane. The plan to do the same in eThekwini was thwarted though, after the ANC made deals with several minor parties.

The way Mr. Malema sees it, the EFF are responsible for steamrollering the alleged pact between Zille and Cyril:

“Helen Zille has a deal with Cyril Ramaphosa to upset the opposition. So that Ramaphosa can come out as a savior of the ANC. We knew of the plan and disrupted that plan. Zille came to pretend to contest, she had not will to win but we made her win. They wanted to upset everybody and have everyone upset at smaller parties.”

“Cyril Ramaphosa did not bother to talk to anyone because he thought his deal with Zille was a done deal. We were told Ramaphosa is the best negotiator. Yes he’s the biggest fraud. He was sold to us by the media.”

Julius Malema

MALEMA: The question is, what role is Cyril Ramaphosa play in rescuing the Metros. #EFFPresser

— Economic Freedom Fighters (@EFFSouthAfrica) November 25, 2021

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